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Antiform is the in-house brand of all-ethical, all-sustainable fashion studio ReMade in Leeds, based in Leeds, UK.
All of our collections are made from 100% recycled sources by local artisan makers.

We ♥ recycling, upcycling, charity shops, clothes swaps, rags to riches creative flair, diy unique style.
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If you’re resolving to think more about how you dress and where your clothes come from in 2012, but aren’t sure where to start, look no further than this fantastic collaboration between Amisha Ghadiali of elegancerebellion.com and Joana Casaca Lemos.

Making the switch to a more sustainable wardrobe can be a bit overwhelming. It’s true that there a lot of issues to contend with, many of which may never have crossed our minds before!

We try to see all these issues as different challenges; to overcome with innovation, creativity and a playful, fun approach to our clothing.

Amisha’s 12 Rules To Dress By poster does just that by giving you a helping hand in becoming more savvy with your buying and more creative with your style, encouraging re-use and putting a bit more thought into what happens to your clothing through every step of its lifespan. We especially love the idea of the checklist to keep track of things easily!

At the end of 2010, I wrote these 12 resolutions which have since become my 12 Rules To Dress By when I started to realise that even though awareness was rising about the issues in the global fashion industry most of us don’t have a clue how to think about making our wardrobes sustainable. When I speak to friends and colleagues there doesn’t seem to be a great feeling of responsibility about how we shop and how we dress. Many feel that it’s a girl’s fashion issue, yet we all wear clothes no matter our sex, age, or how stylish we consider ourselves.

[…] Clothes are an important part of our daily life. We have the opportunity to affect millions of people’s lives and to protect our environment by how we shop and what we wear. Rules are made to be broken, but by following these you can make a difference.

The poster is available to download in PDF format (& in a number of different languages) here.

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